Security statement

Dear Shomrei Emunah family:

You may have heard that this Shabbos, February 25 has been designated as a “National Day of Hate” by anti-Semitic hate groups. These groups are calling for their followers to “distribute hateful stickers and flyers, and to produce graffiti (and video their actions for social media).”

Shomrei is aware of this situation. Our leadership and security committee have reached out to our Councilman, Yitzy Schleifer, who has informed us that there will be an increased police presence in our community this weekend. (Click here for further details).  Shomrei has also hired an extra security guard to patrol our grounds over Shabbos.

We encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings over this Shabbos and every Shabbos.  In the unlikely event of a disturbance, do not approach or engage these individuals. While in shul, please bring any concerns or questions to the attention of the security guards or shul leadership. Should you notice any suspicious vehicles or individuals as you walk the neighborhood, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Many of you have raised concerns about recent damage to the glass panels by our main entrance. Rest assured that this incident is unrelated to hate crimes of any kind and is being addressed.

Wishing you all a peaceful and quiet Shabbos.

Rabbi Binyamin Marwick
Dr. Itzi Barr, President
Shira Glickman, Executive Director